BodyPower India Ambassador Program

Are you driven, hardworking and ambitious? Do you want to help spread the word about BodyPower and our aim to inspire people?

Join the world's biggest fitness team; develop with us and help others in the process...become a BodyPower Ambassador!

Ambassadors get opportunities to benefit their own career and development, plus commission payments, merchandise, entry to competitions, and lots more.

Below you will find our tier system to join the team. Refer to the table for the most appropriate tier for you.

Tier 1: You are new to the team; existing junior ambassador.
Role & Responsibility Benefits
↪Promote BodyPower on Social Media

↪Promote BodyPower at Local Gyms, Stores and Events.

↪Register new members in Ambassadors Team.

↪Register Athletes for BodyPower Competitions.
↪Free Entry to BodyPower Expo.

↪Discount on BodyPower Clothing and Nutrition.

↪Annual BodyPower Conference.

↪Free Ambassador's Metallic Badge.

↪Entry to National Competitions with Awesome Prizes.
Tier 2: You are new to the team, but senior and experienced; You have been a good performer in the team.
Role & Responsibility Benefits
↪Promote BodyPower Events on Social Media and local gym, store and events.

↪Active participation in Facebook Groups to encourage and support Tier1.

↪Promote BodyPower Gym and BodyPower Nutrition.

↪Actively support and encourage Tier 1.
↪Discount on BodyPower Clothing and Nutrition.

↪Discount on Annual BodyPower Conference.

↪Ambassadors Tee.

↪Access to an Exclusive Group for mentoring.

↪Generalised Visiting Cards.

↪+ Tier 1 Benefits.
Tier 3: You are a senior ambassador; you have been a top performer in the team.
Role & Responsibility Benefits
↪Team Leader for the assigned Tier 2 Group (Senior Ambassadors).

↪Manage and Coordinate the assigned Tier 2 Group.

↪Show/Prove Leadership Qualities.

↪Take on responsibilities.
↪Assigned a Mentor.

↪BodyPower branded Polo Tshirt.

↪Personalised Visiting Card.

↪Entry to International Camps and Competitions.

↪+ Tier 1 and 2 Benefits
Tier 4: You are a Regional Ambassador; You are an exceptional performer.
Role & Responsibility Benefits
↪Coordinate and Manage an assigned Zone or Region.

↪Organising BodyPower Events.

↪Attract Sponsors for BodyPower Events.
↪Commercial Agreement based on role.

↪Mentoring from BodyPower Executive Team.

↪Delegate Space in the BodyPower Annual Conference.

↪+ Tier 1,2 & 3 Benefits

Being a BodyPower India Ambassador means a commitment to being part of the BodyPower Team and bringing a positive awareness of fitness in your area apart from the other attractive Benefits.

Past ambassadors will have to apply again if they wish to be an ambassador for BodyPower India 2018-19.

If you feel you could make a positive contribution, Please proceed to register:-