National Trainer Awards

Welcome to the BodyPower trainer awards, developed to reward and recognise those trainers and coaches who go above and beyond the average. These people are respected for their positive attitude; their dedication to helping others; their relentless pursuit of changing the lives of others. We want to praise these great people and facilitate them with the highest honours and recognition in our industry….by presenting them with a coveted BodyPower trainer award.

By nominating a trainer or coach (or self-nominating), you understand that your entry will require authentication.

By voting for a trainer or coach who is a nominee, you understand that you can only vote once per category; that once the votes are in, then the finalists are judged by a panel of suitably qualified individuals.

Trainer award categories –

Best transformation Trainer – judged on a combination of number of transformations and quality of transformation. The winner of this award is someone who really knows how to transform clients.

Best new trainer - the winner of this award has been a trainer for less than one year, but has already made a big impact with clients.

Most Improved trainer – this trainer will have demonstrated an impressive improvement in their ability as a trainer.

Most educated trainer – the winner doesn’t necessarily have to have formal qualifications, but must demonstrate that their knowledge, reading and application of knowledge is exemplary

Best community trainer – this trainer will have made a real impact in their community and is a respected community figure due to their activities

Healthiest trainer – the winner of this award will be a picture of health, and live by the values of health and fitness themselves

Most inspiring trainer – awarded to a inspirational leader who inspires people to be fitter

Personality of the year – with this award we want to recognise the positive impact that this person brings to the image of trainers pan india, so the winner will be a huge personality, who inspires and motivates others

Best overall trainer – Male / female – the coveted best overall trainer award is the pinnacle of success for the trainer, and the winner will be someone who exudes positivity, inspiration and energy, with boundless enthusiasm and ability to help others.

Lifetime achievement award – awarded to the one individuals who has made a huge impact in our industry