BeachBody Juhu - Mumbai - 2021

Beach Body Juhu - Mumbai - 2021

Hey you Beach Beauty, 

Thanks for registering for season THREE of our awesome BeachBody shows. We created these shows to give anyone who looks good on the beach an opportunity to step on a grand stage and show the nation just how beautiful, fit, muscled, or toned you are…there are no set criteria for what we judges are looking for, it’s the overall package that will win the day…and if you win this competition, then it's going to change your life!

The Winner will get exciting prizes (stay tuned for prize announcements).

There are two categories for the guys –

Beach Body – you look great on the beach! Do this category if you’re well proportioned, well-toned but not shredded or with well-defined muscle. Last seasons winner was a stylish, well-toned, good-looking guy, 100% natural, confident on the stage, with an overall superb look for the beach. He knew the mandatory poses and had clearly practiced them. (see my Instagram @nickorton22 for the poses)

Beach Muscle – you look impressive on the beach! Do this category if you are carrying a lot of muscle, and/or you are shredded, have well-defined muscle. Last seasons winner was in great condition, very impressive with defined muscle in the upper and lower body. He also knew the poses and had a good stage presence.

There are two categories for the girls –

Beach Body – you look beautiful on the beach! Do this category if you’re slim, toned and look fantastic in a bikini. The winner will turn heads as she walks along a busy beach…you should know the mandatory poses and perform them confidently, so practice is needed.

Beach Diva – you are stunning! Do this category if you are impressive and dedicated to being fit and healthy. You will pose with confidence on the stage, showing other women that they should be proud of their bodies.


Competition Schedule:

Competition day: All competitors MUST take part on the competition day. You will be asked on stage in groups as this is the only way that we can process a large number of competitors. We will be selecting 100 competitors to go through to the finals.

Date: 16th January 2021

Time: Start 8:00 AM sharp for Mumbai (if you are late, you may miss out on being judged, so don’t blame me if you leave too late and there is traffic!)

Venue: To be confirmed!

*Final: - 100 competitors will be selected to the finals on the same day.

Stage Wear:

Swimwear for Women

Two-piece swimwear, something that is designed to show your physique, but how much you show is up to you. It is a chance to be creative, but remember you don't want the outfit to draw attention away from you. Heels or trainers may be worn.

Swimwear for Men

Trunks, speedo style, and beach shorts (not long ones) are best. Patterns and colors of your own choice.

Mandatory poses – there are four poses which you will be asked to do on stage, these are exclusive to BodyPower Beachbody, and you can find these poses on my Instagram account @nickorton22 and in the Facebook group

Entry is Rs. 4999/- per competitor, but for a limited time period registration charges will be Rs. 2999/- till 15th November. You will also get our leading products of Multivits & Immunity Builder (both with 60 days’ supply) worth of Rs. 2870 absolutely FREE!!



Terms and Conditions

1. You must not be banned by any federations in the past.

2. It's the participant’s responsibility to be on time. Late participants will be disqualified.

3. BodyPower India has all the rights to use the photographs/video graphs of the participants clicked on the stage during BeachBody 2021.

4. Instant Tan not allowed. Any damage caused backstage has to be paid by that participant.

5. You must conduct yourself in a responsible manner all the time at the show.

6. I understand that all the decisions made by judges are final and I will respect the same. In any circumstances for any reason, if I try to defame or degrade the brand value of BodyPower or any associates, BodyPower has full authority to hold or cancel my prizes/rewards if any. 

7. Judge’s decision will be the final decision.

8. The organizers have all the rights to change/cancel the event.

9. Prizes if refused will be passed on to the next runner up.

10. Your individual health and safety remain your responsibility during the show, and you must conduct yourself responsible manner at all times, and BodyPower India will not be responsible.

11. Registration fee will not be refunded in any circumstances, however, you can transfer the same to your friend or recommendation.

12. Organizer has all right to cancel any category in case the final number of participants for the same will be less than five, in that case, registered participants from the same category can compete to other category.

13. Due to any unavoidable circumstances, BodyPower management has all the, rights to postpone or cancel the event. BodyPower will refund any registration fee if any participant willing to withdraw during this situation.




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