Fit Factor East India 2021 - Enter now!

Fit Factor East India 2021 - Enter now!

Have you got the physique, marketability, and ambition to become the next big name in fitness modelling? Fit Factor is the place where aspiring fitness models can strut their stuff. This is a fitness model competition that has taken the industry by storm, with hundreds of entrants taking part, step on stage at Fit Factor 2021 happening in FITMEET -2021 Kolkata.

The show is judged 50% on the physique, 50% on whether the competitor has the 'Fit Factor', so personality, presentation on stage, grooming, attractiveness, and choice of outfits are all key to success.

The judges are industry experts carefully chosen for their knowledge and ability to further your career.

Entry is Rs. 2999/- per competitor.

Date- 23rd May 2021

Location- Kolkata


1. Muscle Model- Male

2. Fitness Model- Male

3. Fitness Model- Female


Round 1- Men & Women

Individual T- Walk and Posing

Round 2- Men & Women

Group Walk and Posing with Live Feedback



FEMALE - Two Piece Swimwear designed to show your Physique. Heels or Trainers may be worn.

MEN – Swim trunks are recommended. (Thigh Muscle should visible)


 *Tanning - Tanning Not Allowed. ( Sun Tan - (Natural)  can be acceptable )



Terms and Conditions

1. You must not be banned by any federations in the past.

2. It's the participant’s responsibility to be on time. Late participants will be disqualified.

3. BodyPower India has all the rights to use the photographs/video graphs of the participants clicked on the stage during Fit Factor India 2021.

4. Tanning not allowed. Any damage caused backstage has to be paid by that participant.

5. You must conduct yourself in a responsible manner all the time at the show.

6. I understand that all the decisions made by judges are final and I will respect the same. In any circumstances for any reason, if I try to defame or degrade the brand value of BodyPower or any associates, BodyPower has full authority to hold or cancel my prizes/rewards if any.

7. Judge’s decision will be the final decision.

8. The organizers have all the rights to change/cancel the event.

9. Prizes if refused will be passed on to the next runner up.

10. Your individual health and safety remain your responsibility during the show, and you must conduct yourself responsible manner at all times, and BodyPower India will not be responsible.

11. Registration fee will not be refunded in any circumstances, however, you can transfer the same to your friend or recommendation.

12. Organizer has all right to cancel any category in case the final number of participants for the same will be less than five, in that case, registered participants from the same category can compete to other category. 

13. Due to any unavoidable circumstances, BodyPower management has all the, rights to postpone or cancel the event. BodyPower will refund any registration fee if any participant willing to withdraw during this situation.


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