Get Trained by Vikas Usham

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Get Trained by Vikas Usham

Expertise:- Build Muscle, Gain Mass, Contest Prep, Lean Muscle, Strenght Training & Endurance, Diet and Nutrition Plan, Tranformation, Get a 6 Pack, Fitness Modelling, Beachbody Physique, Loose Weight, Customize your Goal

Diet Type:- Carb Cycling, Paleo, Vegan and Vegetarian, Bodybuilding, Intermittent Fasting

Vikas Usham is an international model and fitness competitor, having won various high level competitions, he is considered to be amongst the very best trainers.

He is also a sponsored athlete of BodyPower and a proud member of the trainers federation, - ITF. He is a lifetime natural athlete, Vikas believes in pushing himself in multiple disciplines of fitness, such as powerlifting, body weight movements and calisthenics. 

He is ready to guide, train and help people who are keen to develop themselves to achieve their best self. He loves to motivate and inspire his clients.

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It's Ironic.
You ruin yourself to make yourself...?
If you are obsessed with showing things, health will be ranked first. The general purpose of exercise should be health first for the real body, not the real appearance. Our team make sure that you receive the highest standard of result commitment post your training period.

Training plan package will include:

For 12 week Transformation plans

  • Weekly monitoring & consultation.
  • Customize training & diet plan for 12 weeks
  • Phone/ Whatsapp support

For Diet & Nutrition plans

  • 2 x monitoring & consultation for 4 week
  • Customize Diet & Nutrition plan

If you are seeking to sculpt your bodies than take your life in motion until it become a space to creatively share of obsession into yourself, Let's make it happen today, be the best version of you!

Phone/ Whatsapp support
Please note that Trainer will be available from 9.30AM- 6PM ( Monday- Saturday), Sunday remain closed.

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