Street Fitness

Street Fitness is a New Category in Fitness Modelling for people who have a skinny physique and ripped with good abs.

India's First Street Fitness competition happening at BodyPower giving the opportunity to Skinny athletes to show their physique and talent on the platform of BodyPower from all across India. This will make a big difference for the people who are skinny with good abs and can overcome through their talent.

The competitions will be held under the following categories.

Street Fitness (Upto 70 Kg)

  1. Upto 5'7
  2. Above 5'7

HighWay Fitness (Above 70 Kg)

  1. Upto 5'7
  2. Above 5'7

Street Fitness Female

  1. Beginner Class
  2. Pro Class

Date: 27 February 2021

Location: Pune

Venue: will be announced 

Registration Fees- 1999/-

It has Two Round

  1. Ramp Walk
  2. Talent Round

Costume for Street Fitness -

Male: Jeans Full which covers your lower body from the waist, the upper body should be bare.

Female: Sports Bra/Bikini Top,  Jeans full which cover your lower body from the waist.


Terms and Conditions

  1. You must not be banned by any federations in the past.
  2. It's the participant's responsibility to be on time. Late participants will be disqualified.
  3. BodyPower India has all the rights to use the photographs/video graphs of the participants clicked on the stage.
  4. Tanning not allowed.
  5. You must conduct yourself in a responsible manner all the time at the show.
  6. The judge’s decision will be the final decision.
  7. The organizers have all the rights to change/cancel the event.
  8. Prizes if refused will be passed on to the next runner-up.
  9. Your individual health and safety remain your responsibility during the show, and you must conduct yourself responsible manner at all times and BodyPower India will not be responsible.
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